Nepal get an Invitation to Participate in AFC Asian Cup Qualification 2019

It turned into a coronary heart damage while Nepal didn’t make to the next round of AFC Asian Cup 2019. Nepal lost to India on their first healthy and become knock out of the qualifier.

It became right experience in spite of everything, Nepal went directly to play AFC harmony Cup which they received. Nepal have been struggling to grab a win on their international match and they received the cup.

Now even higher they could take part within the Qualifier, if they win then they can participate on AFC Asian Cup 2019. A this is a miracle like information to Nepalese soccer fanatics.

that is the very last spherical for the cup and the team which qualifies will play in AFC Asian Cup 2019.

AFC Asian Cup Qualification 2019: Nepal Invited to participate

Now, in line with purpose Nepal a soccer news blog mentions, GUAM a third 1/3 round qualified group has withdrew so, Nepal has been Invited to participate within the cup.

Nepal are improving their football and is ready to take this new assignment. Can Nepal make to AFC Asian CUp 2019?

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